“Let it GO and Let it FLOW”


“Let Go”

Let Go is the action of letting go of your desired outcome and lifting it up to the Universe, God, Source, whichever name you choose to call it since they are all the same and all One. You see, when you Let Go, you are now aligning yourself and your desired outcome with something far GREATER than you and this is where your desired outcome has actually already occurred. It’s just up to the Universe, God, Source as to when it will actually be brought into your life, however you can rest assured that it truly has already occurred the moment you “Let Go”.

“Let It Flow”

Now that you “Let Go”, you now need to “Let It Flow” in that you need to TRUST, yes, it’s that “T” word that gives us so much difficulty in our lives. As we learn to Let It Flow, we will be more at peace in our lives because we know our desired outcome is now in the proverbial hands of something so much greater than us that it’s not even worth our time to dwell on it anymore. We also learn another great lesson here: relinquish control. We are so used to being “in control” and “taking control” and we are constantly seeking to control situations, control others, etc that this reminds us that sometime the best way for us to truly live a blessed and fulfilling life is to give up control and realize that in giving up control, we are actually aligning ourselves with something far greater than us and in the greatest twist of irony, when we give up control, we actually are combined to gain the most freedom and most control. Yeah, that one takes a while to sink in.


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