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David Clark joined the podcast and delivered his incredible story of turning the pain of dependency into the pleasure of motivating others through his actions.  We all talk about “taking that first step” when we are setting out on a life journey, well, David’s “first step” was actually a few more….FIFTEEN (15) to be exact as in fifteen seconds on a treadmill his first time.  If I told you that you will get on a treadmill and literally the most your body could physically do is fifteen seconds, what would set as a goal for yourself to achieve?  How about running races that are over ONE HUNDRED MILES?  David Clark did exactly that.  Listen to his podcast linked below to hear so much about his incredible journey, the impact switching to a Plant Based – Vegan Diet had and what he’s doing now.



Here is information provided by David on his website: Www.WeAreSuperman.com and you can also find out about more about his great cause he is involved with that he talks about in the show: Www.TheHerrenProject.org .


My name is David Clark and I was at deaths door not too long ago… Before my life bottomed out I had I worked my way out of a difficult childhood environment. I set national sales records while attending classes at The University of Colorado. And I went on to build an 8 million dollar company by the time I was 29 years old.  So what happened?

In all my hard work I never learned how to be happy. I never learned the difference between creating profit and being present in life. Instead of enjoying the fruits of my success, I became lost. By the time I hit 34 years old I was 320lbs, addicted to fast food, narcotics and alcohol. I had a heart condition, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, two herniated discs in my back and I was a hair away from full on diabetes. One day I drew a line in the sand- I decided I was no longer going to accept death. Instead I changed my life entirely by surrendering and committing to learning a whole new way to live. Today I am an accomplished endurance athlete, business owner, speaker and bestselling author. And it would be my honor, privilege and life’s work to share with you my story. So if you are tired of feeling like there is a secret to life you missed, or if you know deep inside there is a super-powered version of you- call me.

Check Out David’s Incredible Book Here: Click Here 


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