Shonda Caines: Ultimate “Wellness Catalyst”


What happens when you mix a LOT of passion for health, wellness, making a difference and true love for your clients?  You get Shonda Caines, the self described “Wellness Catalyst” which is such a fitting name after you listen to her and get to know her.

You MUST listen to the podcast interview with Shonda and I (link below) to truly understand the level of her passion.  Shonda is so committed to spreading information about how you can incorporate a Plantbased – Vegan Lifestyle into your life and the WHY it will benefit you (don’t worry, she’s GREAT at assisting people in finding their “WHY”) and you will hear this in her voice in the first thirty (30) seconds we start talking.

When I first was introduced to Shonda, it was evident from the beginning that she just naturally connects with people.  Every time I would see her at an event, she always had a large crowd around her booth and she’s either giving everyone positive information on positive changes they can make in their lives and HOW to do it or dishing out food that people gladly standing in a long line to get (and then get back in line for seconds).

However, let me also “warn” you, hidden behind that big inviting smile is also someone that will PUSH, PUSH, PUSH her clients and she will do this because she sees hidden inside everyone what they are capable of being and makes it her personal mission to help them get there.  She’s pushed herself to incredible heights of UltraMarathon Races (for those reading this that don’t know, that is where people WILLINGLY travel VERY FAR distances while running and they do this….wait for it: WITHOUT someone chasing them with a weapon or threatening them.  LOL)  Seriously, these types of races take overall focus on the body, mind and spirit to accomplish and Shonda brings the benefit of having accomplished these types of immense feats to her life and her clients.  Shonda ran: Three (3) Marathons, Two (2) Five K’s AND a Fifty (50) Mile Ultramarathon in just thirty-three (33) days….YES, you read that correctly, she did all those races in only Thirty-three (33) days!  Shonda has even put pen to paper (see “Lifting the Weight” book) as another way for her to reach people and put her story out there for others.

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Notes from the show:

Her famous “Green Marley” Super Smoothie!  Mix Spirulina, Macha, Protein Powder, Chia Seeds, Flax Sees and Non-Dairy Milk.

She loves Tart Cherry Juice to Drink while she is doing her distance runs.

Loves using her “Soaks” or baths with Epsom Salt and Lavender to take care of her body, especially during heavy training times.

Amaranth- Supplement that she swears buy and loves for improved performance

Link with Shonda here on Instagram

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Check Out Shonda’s Website Here

So, everyone grab a copy of her books, drink up her Green Marley, follow her online and prepare to be motivated and pushed!


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