VeganTourGuide….the beginning

The Vegan TourGuide is a collection.  A collection of information, direction, ideas, motivation, answers, questions and a collection of people…ALL types of people.  I’ve never been a person to be in “the norm.” I like the path least taken.  I like the challenge.  I like asking questions.  I like being different.  I like trying new things and experiences.  I like reminding myself that taking time to be with myself is not only ok, it’s actually a requirement for life.  I like the continual incredible path called LIFE.  I like, no actually, I LOVE being able to bring new things and information to others and encouraging others and supporting others in their path of life.  Vegan TourGuide is a collection of all of us and our individual paths. Vegan TourGuide is designed to bring information and INVITE feedback and questions about a Plant Based Eating Choice and how to accomplish this, why to do this and debunk the myths (It’s too hard to do…..I’ll get no protein at all because only red meat has protein….etc).  Some people will transform to total plant based eating, some, just like some of my closest friends might not do a whole transformation, however they will change a lot of their eating habits and to me that is AWESOME! 

About Us

hello veganAs soon as someone finds out I am Vegan, they always ask me “how/why”?  I tell them I’m actually a “Vegan by accident” which always gets me some very curious and inquisitive looks at this point.  You see, I started phasing different things out of my diet over time. Red Meat and Sodas were the first.  I hated the way I felt after eating Red Meat, so that was enough reason for me.  (There technically is a reason for the term “food coma” and that massive bloated feeling you get after eating a steak or a couple of burgers is NOT natural).  I then phased out chicken, mainly because I started seeing so much information on the hormones and bad stuff that came with eating chicken. So, I was done. 

Next, I phased out most fish. I did this because I started reading more studies on lies in the “fish industry.”  For example, the MAJORITY of Salmon sold in the US is farm raised….meaning it’s entire life is spent swimming around in a pond with a bunch of other salmon…swimming in it’s own waste and that they actually DYE the Salmon Red/Pink before sending it to market to keep it that consistent look we are all used to with Salmon because the Salmon are actually BROWN….you do the math on that one. 

My “final” change was dairy.  I was constantly having sinus issues,  runny noses and mucus during the year. I live in North Carolina and we love all four seasons. I finally asked my Doctor why I continued to have issues ALL YEAR ROUND and he sent me to an Allergist.  I took the test to see if I had any allergies. When the test came back I was surprised to see it was NEGATIVE. I have NO allergies.  This is one of those times in your life you actually want to hear you have some sort of problem so you can figure it out and find a way to beat it.  So I’m talking with the Dr. and he tells me, “off the record, I hear that if you cut dairy out of your diet, these symptoms will disappear.”  So, I removed dairy and I mean in less than 48 hours I had NO MORE sinus/mucus issues.  WOW!  And as they say, “The Rest Is History!”

So, flash forward to present time.  I am a Vegan and when people that have known me a long time find out I’m Vegan, they are surprised.  I grew up playing all types of sports (with wrestling being my favorite) and I have always enjoyed working out and staying in shape.  So I felt that there needed to be a platform to spread the word about the tremendous benefits of a Plant Based Diet. 

You might go “All-IN” on becoming Vegan. Or, you might choose to alter your diet a few days a week or phase in over time. ANYTHING is commendable.  I want this site to be an area to give you ideas, resources, inspiration, ease of vegan dieting and more.  I have found that as people make changes such as this to their lives that they know are TRULY life changing, they are typically open to other areas of change in their lives as well. So, this site will also talk about other areas of your life: Meditation, Working Out, How To’s, and many more.  I welcome and want your feedback.  I am CONSTANTLY in a state of learning and welcome you to learn with me and everyone else here and share with all of us.